Design Battle 2018

July 24th 5:30 pm - 9pm

When designers work in front of a live audience, there is no hiding. Skill and talent aren't veiled by online interactions. Design Battle is the junior creative's turn to step up, the senior designer's test of time, and the unicorn's chance to put their money where their mouth is. Four timed rounds of elimination will determine the victor.

What was once an event for students has evolved into a night of competition for professional designers, but few things have changed. The judging panels feature industry leaders from product teams to international agencies. Creative badassery is rewarded with prizes from local sponsors and community supporters.

Let's level the playing field for a night by showcasing raw talent. Whatever your level of participation, come out to witness the fight for only title that matters.


Meet our talented and experienced panel of judges.

Blair Culbreth

Design is where the emotional connection comes in, when it’s done well. Even the most dry application or content can be a little more relatable, a little more enjoyable, a little more human through design.

Rob Warner

Good design is good design. One that engages, resonates and bonds us to experience more. Where high art demands a pure and raw emotional reaction… design targets our desire to connect with one another.

Chris Alvarez

I use my diverse background in development, corporate education and advertising to fulfill my passion for crafting amazing human experiences. As someone who likes to 'ask why until it hurts,' I enjoy the raw, messy and iterative nature of design and believe the best solutions start with a question.

Ellie Krysl

Ellie is a Senior UX Specialist and Visual Designer at Limina. She has worked with major culture brands like Red Bull, MTV and JanSport as well as helped to create several ISR and advanced analytics applications. Currently, she is part of the Limina team managing the full redesign and build of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife website.

Jon Fukuda

Design is all work that takes place at the intersection of technology, people and information. As designers, it's our job to clearly articulate information, experiences, and environments that map to the human mind.

  • Blair Culbreth
  • Senior Designer
  • Rob Warner
  • Creative Coordinator
  • Chris Alvarez
  • UX Lead
  • Ellie Krysl
  • Senior UX Specialist
  • Jon Fukuda
  • Design Battle M.C.


The Design Battle will take place at CoSolve during Longmont Startup Week 2018. Register to attend the Design Battle on the Longmont Startup Week website.


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your local Front Range Design Gladiators. We’re honored to have this talented and fearless group of designers showcase their skills in a battle of design wits. Come show your support and witness the awesome as the battle it out for Design Battle Champion!


We’re super stoked to offer a number of awesome prizes to the Design Battle Champion!

  •   – 500 stickers of one design by Sticker Giant
  •  – 13″ Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display by Wacom
  •  – 1 month free Business Membership at CoSolve Co-Working
  •  – More prizes are in the works…  stay tuned!

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